1. At the point when introducing this framework in another home or kitchen please guarantee that the chilly water lines under the kitchen sink are flushed to expel all garbage inside the funnels before introducing the framework

2. The Mixer Tap and Water Filter framework must be introduced as per Australian Standard AS 3500 and neighborhood power By-Laws.

3. The framework incorporates a weight restricting valve which must be introduced with all establishments as a legitimate prerequisite – if not introduced the guarantee is invalid and void.

1. Interface With WATER SUPPLY If a different water association is not gave: • Locate the Isolation Stop Cock mounted on the divider underneath the sink for the current frosty water line. • Turn off Isolation Stop Cock and disengage joined fittings. Utilizing plumbing tape:- • Attach the accompanying parts to the Isolation Stop Cock as per the outline to one side:- • Brass Female Tee 1/2″ BSP • Brass Nipples 1/2″ BSP – 1/2″ BSP (x2) • Please take note of that these parts are not supplied (promptly accessible by means of handyman) 2. Introducing THE 3 Way MIXER TAP • Enclosed inside the 3 Way blender tap container you will discover establishment guidelines for the blender tap. Take after these painstakingly and when finished do the accompanying assignments. • Having introduced the blender tap – you will see that there are three (3) meshed hoses associated with the blender tap – one hot (set apart with red stripes), one frosty (set apart with blue stripes) and one sifted icy (unmarked). • Having made the Tee Section as noted over the mains frosty plaited hose can be associated with the cool water association. Clearly, the boiling hot water hose can likewise be associated with the high temp water association. If you don’t mind guarantee that all water stays killed.

3. Introducing THE FILTER SYSTEM

• Following establishment of the double blender tap as noted above there stays one hose to be associated with the channel framework.

• Remove plastic wrapper and cover from the channel cartridge and fit into the channel head – this is accomplished by pushing the channel cartridge into the head and contorting 90° in a clockwise bearing.

• Determine the perfect area for the head and cartridge. You should permit a freedom of 300mm under the channel head (or 65mm underneath base of cartridge) as this will empower the cartridge to be expelled and supplanted.

• Once the position is found – screw the channel head to the bureau divider.

• Connect the John Guest 1/2″ female bsp to 1/4″ tube connector to the 1/2″ male bsp association on the scaled down reservoir tap as indicated – thing 5.

• Cut from the John Guest tubing supplied a length of approx 100mm. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that the tubing is cut with a sharp Stanley blade or tube cutter. Embed one end of this tube into the John Guest tube connector that you have quite recently introduced – thing 4.

• The flip side of the tube can now be embedded into the channel of the Weight Limiting/Dual Check Valve (PLDCV). As you will note 1/4″ John Guest associations are supplied inside the PLDCV.

• Please note John Guest fittings are “push fit”. To guarantee a spotless and solid association – push tubing into fitting and when it will go no further “draw back” against the fitting to seal tubing.

• Measure a length of tube from the outlet of the PLDCV to the channel of the pimple gathering/elbow association. Sliced tube to length. Embed one end of the tube into the PLDCV outlet and supplement the other end of tube into the elbow bay of the channel head.

• Measure the last length of tube from the outlet of the channel head to the John Guest association situated toward the end of the interlaced sifted water hose. Sliced to size and embed tube into associations – thing 7.

• Make beyond any doubt all associations are tight and fixed.

• Turn water lines on and check for any leaks–repair if vital.

• Let water gone through channel systen for 2-3 minutes to cleanse air and actuate framework.

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