4 Time – Tested Tips To Drain Unblocking...

4 Time - Tested Tips To Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains need immediate attention. There is no escape to handling them indeed! Thus, no matter how busy schedule you may have, make sure you spare some time to fix your blocked drain at earliest because they go on inviting more troubles for you. Whether, it is your kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet or outdoor drain, the article has got some proven tips to get your drain unclogged and get the water flowing flawlessly again.

Before you start looking for blocked drain repairs specialists, try the following DIY drain unblocking ideas first.

  • Heat Up The Blockage Until It Leaves The Contact

This is one of the most commonly used DIY tactics for drain unblocking by homeowners. You can simply boil water and pour it into your blocked drain until the blockage or any deposit interrupting the flow inside the drain loses its firm contact with the drainage wall and get flushed out. Quite easy, isn’t it?

This tactic is also used to treat slow flowing drains. Hot water can easily remove fat, grease and other objects sticked to the drainage wall from inside. Once the drain seems to be in a clear state, flush some more water for 5-10 minutes to ensure the drainage pipe is cleared of a clog properly. It is worth bringing to your attention that boiling water remedy is the right fit for metal drainage pipes instead of PVC pipes; the latter one is vulnerable to structural damage if water is boiled above 175 degrees.

  • Prepare Your Drain Cleaner On Own

First of all, no drain cleaner comes with a 100% guarantee! But if you are able to prepare your cleaner at home in just 5-10 minutes using some easy-to-find kitchen ingredients, there is no harm trying it once to fix your troubling drains on own before you leave the job to an expert. You can also use this DIY-made drain cleaner when the cleaner bottle you purchased from a local store or supermarket has gone empty.

All you will need is 3-5 spoon of baking soda and vinegar to prepare your drain cleaning mixture. Take a glass cup and mix both ingredients to equal quantity. Keep your face at the distance as the mixture will raise bubbles. Pour the mixture into the drain and close the drain cover for a while. After around 10 minutes, you can clear the drain using warm water.

  • Get a Plunger Or Snake

Certainly there is no fun holding a household plunger or snake on own, but when you got a blocked drain there is no escape. Most homeowners have cup plungers in the house for any emergency drain blockage. If you have never used a plunger or a drain snake before, I suggest you watch some videos on Google; trust me, there are many and watching one or two will give you idea on how to use them effectively. Cup plungers are used for kitchen sinks and bathroom drains. And the snake is used for unblocking toilet drain.

What If None Of The Above Works?

There are many professional drainage companies out there who offer environment-friendly and cost-effective drain unblocking service to both resident and commercial customers. When none of the DIY attempts as discussed above seem to work, don’t delay calling out a professional blocked drain repairs specialist company.

Unlike harmful chemical cleaners which can later physically damage or corrode your drainage pipe, a good drain unblocking company use eco-friendly and modern technology like high pressure water jetting to restore your blocked drain Medway to optimal working order.

Author Bio: The author works as an independent content developer since 2009. He has written many articles on guiding homeowners fix blocked drain in effective and affordable way.

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