5 Cheap Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Like New...

5 Cheap Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Look Like New

The words “Kitchen” and “Cheap” don’t go often hand in hand. As a matter of fact, the truth is quite the opposite – kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive if no the most expensive project a homeowner can undertake. The challenge is that a kitchen includes all areas of improvement – plumbing, carpentry and electrical. And what started as a small and cheap kitchen renovation can become a major project with a run-way costs.

Despite all this, I think there is a number of options for the regular DIYer who wants to improve their home without burning a hole into their pocket. In fact, there are renovations which will not only change the look but even make the kitchen look as good as new. Here are my humble ideas for a better looking kitchen on a tight budget.

Give Appliances Facelift

A new coat of paint can achieve tremendous results. If your kitchen appliances have lots their past glories, then it’s time to find a touch-up paint and use it to cover the bruises of time like scratches and dings. But be careful when picking a colour – there lots of distinctive whites, blues, etc. If you want to go the extra mile find an enamel paint in some bold colours like yellow or even red and paint the whole appliance.

Replace Hardware

Cabinets gets the most use and abuse in a home. They are opened and closed tens of times a day. And occasionally not very gently. So, it’s only normal that over time hinges and handles become less than functional or straightforward get broken. A fresh set of knobs and hinges can not only make cabinets usable again, but alter their look for the better. If you want to have it all, use the opportunity to paint all cabinet doors.


New or updated kitchen flooring can add a tremendous amount of “new” to any kitchen. However, all efforts to replace fast or cheap are in vain. Unfortunately, new kitchen flooring doesn’t come easy. For example, new vinyl floor is a cheap option but the installation process is a real pain. If you’re stuck with ceramic tiles, it’ll take you more than a few hours to tear them out. And even laminate is a viable option for a kitchen floor, it’s installation will require some effort as well.

When things look so grave, remember that you can always add a few rugs or carpet runners. It’ll help make the floor look like new, won’t take much time and will come cheap.

Wall Treatments

Treat your kitchen walls with stamps or stencils. It’ll add character and charm to your kitchen without costing much money. You can find almost an infinite supply of stamp and stencil styles online. They are available in home supply and hobby shops as well. Another unconventional idea is to apply chalkboard paint. The application is endless – you can add a backsplash or cover an entire wall. It’ll give you the opportunity to leave messages, write a to-do list or even play tic-tac-toe.

We mentioned chalkboard paint, but how about regular latex paint? Wash the walls and fill any holes that might be there and apply a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind that if you want only to refresh the feel and look of the kitchen, you better don’t change existing colours.


Rearranging is another effective way to rejuvenate your kitchen old and tired looks without spending a dime. Of course, the layout of the kitchen has to allow for things to be moved around. If you eat in the kitchen consider moving table and chairs to insert a new perspective while you have your meals. Another great idea is to consider rearranging items like pictures, clocks and generally anything that can be moved.


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