6 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning The Kitchen...

1st mistake: Cleaning the bottom compartments of the fridge and then the upper ones. Definitely, a better idea is to start with the top and to leave the bottom areas as last. This is one of the main cleaning principles and it applies to the fridge and the freezer too. In this way, you reduce the chance for spreading out dissolved dirt and blemishes all over the freshly cleaned parts. If you clean first the upper parts of the fridge, they will have more time for drying while meanwhile cleaning the bottom parts. After the treatment, another great idea is to go all over the surfaces with clean paper towels to wipe off the dried drops and stripes.

2nd mistake: Cleaning only the outer sides of the stove. Yes, it is essential when cleaning the stove, but also pay attention to the burner grate. It is usually the part that is heated the most, which enhances the drying and so the grease spills and drops stick hard to the metal grate. Brush with a metal brush or with a spatula when needed, then drop the burner grate into a homemade detergent of hot water, baking soda and alcohol. Rinse thoroughly and polish the metal parts to pop up their original shine and look.

3rd mistake: Just a quick cleaning of the kitchen countertop. It`s just not enough for the big kitchen cleaning. According to the type and material of your kitchen countertop, you can take advantage of a variety of tools and solutions for a better result. For instance, let`s rub half a lemon all over the surface of the countertop. It spreads out a pleasant aroma and it eliminates most of the bacteria within the tiny little scratches or the capillary texture of the wood. A clean cloth damped in hot water and rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, is enough for cleaning marble, stone or tiled countertops.

4th mistake: Forgetting the small details. Make sure to clean all the small details and parts in the kitchen, such as doorknobs, handles on the backside of the doors and the shelves, the oven racks, the handles of the fridge and the freezer, etc. Clean them thoroughly from all the possible sides, because the greatest amount of unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms stick right into the smallest objects, which are used every day.

5th mistake: Using extremely powerful solutions. When it comes to home cleaning – you probably have to deal with truly persistent spots and stains by using powerful detergents. However, when it comes to kitchen cleaning – the most powerful commercial detergents and dissolvent agents are not recommended, because some of them might spread out toxic and volatile chemical compounds to kitchen appliances, utensils and even food. A better idea is to make your own homemade detergents with products that you already have in the kitchen, such as white vinegar, baking soda, alcohol, white vinegar or dishwashing detergent.

6th mistake: Clean with dirty cleaning tools. This is a common mistake if you clean your kitchen quite frequently and you forget to change the water of the bowl for the cloths, for example. Make sure to clean all the tools before and after the cleaning itself. They may include tools like sponges, towels, grooming brushes and others, as well as bottles of the detergents or the handle of the vacuuming machine. Use only clean water in the bowls when cleaning, change frequently the water and use only clean paper towels and cloths as the best way to prevent spreading out unhealthy bacteria from dirty cleaning tools. For more ideas: Spring Cleaners Ltd

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