9 Important Points for Personal Electrical Safety...

Electrical and electronics have changed the world that we live in, whereas it has also lead to many accidents. Generally, accidents are a reason of carelessness and sometimes a result of safety compromise. Therefore, electrical safety is doubtlessly imperative in today’s paced lifestyle. Fear arrives from being unknown, so it’s best to know that your home wiring is safely and confidently performed. One should not avoid wiring of electrical appliances and live wires as they are not only dangerous but can be lethal. Even one mistake can make you face 120 volts, which is too dangerous on exposure.
Few Safety Tips on Wiring:
While working make sure to shut the power off on any circuit

One can easily confirm whether the power is off or on with a pocket tester or earth testing

One should always keep a flashlight handy (nearby electrical panel to get visibility in case of power loss)

Always use fiberglass ladders for electrical work, as fiberglass ladders are non-conducive

One should never work on electrical systems exposed to rain, damp or wet conditions, or place where power is partially turned off

One should also wear rubber soled shoes or if possible stand on rubber mat or dry wooden floors

Concrete floors are conducive to electrocution especially if the floor is wet or damp
Electricity can easily conduct from any source if the conditions are supportive. So, we should always look for safety measures while working on electrical wires or appliances.

9 Important Points for Personal Electrical Safety:

At first one should make sure to educate self before fixing electrical issues

Always cut the power from main source point before your start your work/

Keep a blueprint ready for your work and do it step wise, in accordance with electrical safety
Make sure to apply common sense while working on live wire, wiring, and electrical apparatus (for example use tester to check whether electricity is off of still around)

Never go for task which is risky and requires experts help

One should not deal with electricity or electrical work in a hurry (tip is to stay conscientious)

Always experts recommend to wear protective clothing while working on electrical sources (make sure to use to quality tools)
It’s also necessary to learn continuously to be an expert

One should always add skills and take advice from experts
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