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Successful home flea control is based upon knowledge of the fleas’ life cycle, periodic monitoring of the population, and a set of control methods. The idea is simple. Control procedures must address all four stages.

Due to the flea life cycle (complete metamorphosis) and feeding habits, many people don’t realize they have a flea problem until they are away from their house for an extended period. This realization of a flea problem happens because the fleas get hungry while the hosts are away, and they become highly active when the hosts return. People tend to think to put the pet outside will solve the flea problem, but that typically makes the fleas turn to human hosts instead.

First you decide at what level a flea problem becomes unacceptable to you. Depending on your sensitivity and tolerance, this level could be the discovery of one flea bite per week, or finding two fleas each time you comb your pet. During the year the flea population will fluctuate. When the symptoms reach an unacceptable level, you apply control measures, beginning with non-chemical controls. If stronger controls are needed, use the least toxic chemicals first. As soon as the symptoms recede, discontinue the chemical controls. In this way you can  minimize the need for chemical controls. Before we discuss control methods in detail, let’s look at the flea’s secrets of survival.

As a prerequisite to any flea control program, it is highly recommended building up your animal’s health and resistance as much as possible through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Along with that, it’s important to practice thorough sanitation and cleaning.Understanding the life cycle of the flea makes it clear why cleaning is so important. Adult fleas live about three to four months. During that time they are steadily laying tiny white eggs on your pet that look like dandruff or salt crystals. Flea eggs hatch out into larvae that live in the cracks and crevices of rugs, upholstery, blankets, floors, sand, earth, and the like. Your important ally in the battle against fleas is cleanliness, both for your pet and your home, particularly in your pet’s sleeping areas. Regular cleaning interrupts the life cycles of the fleas and greatly cuts down on the number of adult fleas that end up on your pet, especially if you act before flea season begins.

Safe Approaches

Steam clean your carpets at the onset of flea season (or whenever you begin your flea-control program). Though it is somewhat expensive, steam cleaning is effective in killing flea eggs. Severe flea infestations may require an initial shampooing or steam cleaning of rugs and upholstered furniture.

Launder your pet’s bedding in hot, soapy water at least once a week. Dry on maximum heat. Heat will kill all stages of flea life, including the eggs. Remember that flea eggs are very slippery and easily fall off bedding or blankets. So carefully roll bedclothes up to keep all the flea eggs contained on the way to the washing machine.

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