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The sight of a cockroach running around in the kitchen cupboard may be familiar to some, but you don’t have to live with them.Deny them access to food, water and shelter by repairing leaks, sealing entry points and removing clutter. Make sure the kitchen and the sink are clean every night.Food, water and shelter are basic roach requirements. With all three present in sufficient quantity, cockroaches grow and reproduce with mated females producing oothecae – pillow-shaped egg capsules each containing up to 48 eggs. Tiny, wingless nymphs hatch from their eggs and gradually grow into adult roaches.

Where long-term management or elimination is the goal, the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) should be applied. Beginning with inspection, all effective means of non-chemical control should be utilized, including exclusion and sanitation.

Successful cockroach control requires prevention and sanitation. Vacuuming will eliminate cockroach skins and feces that cause cockroach allergies. Cockroach feces also contain a chemical (aggregation pheromone) that attracts cockroaches to an area. Eliminating the cockroach feces by scrubbing with hot, soapy water will decrease the amount of aggregation pheromone available to attract cockroaches to the area.

Use prevention and sanitation methods before and concurrently with chemical control tactics. The most commonly used chemical formulations for cockroach control are baits, sprays, and dusts. While cockroach foggers are commonly seen in the marketplace, their effect is limited to the cockroaches that directly contact the fog.

Homeowners may undertake their own IPM plan for cockroach control with good success, or they may elect to contract the services of a professional pest control operator. Professionals have the equipment and training to do a thorough job and have access to products not available to homeowners. If you decide to contract the services of a professional pest control operator, get estimates from several reputable firms before you decide on one.

An IPM Approach for Outdoor Cockroaches

An 80% or better reduction in cockroach abundance can be achieved using the following IPM approach.

Use only a thin layer of mulch around the home that extends 1 foot out from the foundation. This will allow drying time and make conditions less conducive to cockroach survival.

Apply control products within 3 feet of the home in pine straw, fallen leaves, or ivy, and next to other cockroach habitats such as garden borders, large rocks, or railroad ties. Always follow the label.

Treat sheltered cracks and crevices such as porch corners, under ledges, in crawl space gratings, and under garage doors. Baits or liquid products can be used, but not both at the same time in the same place.

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