Calgary Garage Door Repair – Guide To Repair Faulty G...

Calgary Garage Door Repair – Guide To Repair Faulty Garage Doors

A faulty garage door can make you late for an important meeting or a family function. But, before you curse the manufacturer or the technician who has installed the garage door at your home, it is time to sit up and take notice. You need to undertake garage door repair yourself. Regular maintenance and service of the garage door can prevent such issues. Let us take a look at some of the DIY solutions to your problem.

Vacation Switch – Most of the garage door manufacturers provide the feature known as a vacation switch. Check the button and see if it is working or not. Many times this button causes the problem. This switch is meant to provide security when you are out on a holiday. If you activate the switch in normal days, it can delay your normal operations. This function will also override the remote, hampering its function. Make sure you disengage the vacation button during normal days.

Check Sensor Beam – Sensors of the door make it function automatically. These are located near the floor. There is a receiver and an emitter sensor. They need to be in perfect alignment to perform efficiently. Many times, they fall out of alignment due to misaligned tracks, obstruction etc. Put them in alignment by aligning the tracks or removing the obstruction. Check the sensor lens carefully on both sides of the garage door. If everything is fine, check the wiring of the sensors.

Check Door Close Sensitivity – The sensitivity of the door must not be tempered with. But, if you are trying this, make sure you read the opener setting carefully. Most of the openers have a sensitivity setting which can be customized as per your need. After customizing the settings, check the door if it is properly balanced. Check the reverse mechanism by placing some object under the door. Remember, after sensing the object in the path the opener should reverse the operation of the door. In case, it doesn’t do so, increase the garage door sensitivity. If the door is still not opening properly, some other part may be defective. It is advised to not to set the door to extreme sensitive settings.

Miscellaneous settings – If nothing works, check the emergency release settings. If the opener is not closing the door properly, use the red cord near the trolley to activate the emergency release. This allows you to operate the door manually. Now, it is time to call the professional and go for complete repair and servicing.

Garage door professionals hold years of experience and are well versed with the latest techniques and tools. They know how to handle the various vital parts of the garage door. Installing and repairing a garage door is not a DIY project. It is advised top contact garage door specialists in Calgary to undertake the garage door repair or service job.

At Calgary Garage Door Repair, our professionals are qualified and factory trained to provide top quality garage door repair, maintenance and installation services in a timely manner. You can rely on us for your residential or commercial garage door maintenance.

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