Best Carpet Cleaning Practice To Effectively Remove Cigarette Odor

Published 12.04.2016 by Graemes in CategoryRemoval
Cleaning a carpet is not always an easy task. You not only have to clean the surface of spots, spills, and dirt, but you also need to see to it that the carpet is free from undesirable odors that might have attached themselves to it. One kind of smell that quite often has to be taken care of is cigarette... 

Do Raccoons Have Fleas?

Published 10.27.2016 by Sarahbeth in CategoryAnimal Removal & Rodent Exclusions
Raccoons are wild animals that live in or near wooded and forested areas. Any animal that comes in contact with plants, trees, bushes, and brush are vulnerable to insect bites. Ticks and fleas are no different. If a raccoon gets into your home, there is a good chance they are carrying fleas, ticks,... 
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