Choosing The Right Gazebo For Your Garden...

Choosing The Right Gazebo For Your Garden

Nowadays Gazebos are being installed in many gardens and they make an attractive and functional focal point in gardens where they are installed. Gazebos are quite inviting and a one in the garden is sure to entice you to go and sit in them and relax may be with a good book and your favorite beverage.

It is however important to find out for what purpose are you getting a gazebo and what will it be used for? There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to choosing a gazebo for your garden. Sunjoy gazebo provides you with different types of gazebos that can be used for purposes such as:

  • It can be used for a wedding or a reception. During such functions you may just need a place outside to go and relax and a gazebo does precisely that.
  • Many people buy it so as to upgrade their home value.
  • In case you have guests coming over, a gazebo can be a perfect place to get away and relax
  • If you work from home, it will be a great feeling to work in a calm, serene environment amidst the cool breeze and birds chirping.
  • Kids also find gazebo exciting as they can go there and play
  • Using gazebo as place for doing exercise can also be a private and peaceful experience.

How do you know if gazebo is right for your garden?

The primary thing to be considered for installing Gazebo is the space. Since Gazebo tends to be at least 2m wide in most of the cases hence it can’t be installed in tiny gardens. In tiny garden gazebos will dominate too much. If you have a large garden and there is room at the end of the garden then you may think of installing a gazebo representing the secondary sitting area apart from the sitting arrangements that has been primarily done in the garden. Sunjoy gazebo assembly instructions will provide you with valuable advice on the type of gazebo that will suit your garden.

What type of Gazebo should you choose?

The type of gazebo that should be choose depends mainly on two things i.e. budget that you have fixed and also the style of your garden. Gazebos unfortunately are quite expensive. However, if you plan to keep open style gazebo then you will incur less cost as less construction and time will be involved and less timber will be used in the construction.  The more features that you plan to add the more will be the cost of Gazebos. You may plan to use copper roofs, shutter curtains, built in seating with cushions to add on to the feature of gazebo.

There are many types of gazebos. Basically there are two types i.e. vinyl or wood. Wood gazebos are built with pine, cedar; redwood and many cases bamboo are also used. If wood is used though it will give a nice look but the yearly maintenance of staining and painting will be required so that it stays in perfect condition. However, if made of vinyl then not much maintenance is required as it does not wrap or rot. Hot tube gazebo, Gazebos on a pole and pop-up gazebos are some of the options that you have when considering what type of gazebo you want. Most of the gazebos come with flooring. However, you can also have a garden gazebo in which the ground will be your floor.

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