Decorate Glass Jars...

Decorate Glass Jars

Whether you moved flats or you are simply obsessed with adorning your place we advise you decorate glass jars to give your kitchen a signature look. Up to this point you are fine because you probably already have some glass jars hanging around in your cupboards. Do not throw them into the attic just yet because you are about to get a good use out of them.

Before you hesitate to decorate Glass jars or not just imagine them lined up on you kitchen counter top with cereal, quinoa, beans and homemade granola in them. Moreover, this will make it very easy to access; once you the through the jar you know right away which one to reach out for rather than peaking through every single one.

Pretty picture – we agree! Now, how about we get this DIY decorate glass jars party started.

Let’s start with what you need to decorate glass jars that are simply plain pieces of unappealing containers.

Note: These do not necessarily need to mean you have to have food in them. In accordance with the outcomes you have you can put them on your dressing table with hair ties, makeup brushes in them or in your work area with stationary in them.

What you need to Decorate Glass Jars

  •         Lace ribbon
  •         Tags for labeling
  •         Paper flowers (your preference)
  •         Jam jar covers for the small jars
  •         Wooden accessories (your preference)
  •         Glue

All of these bids and bobs are merely clues to what you can use to decorate glass jars on your own. Having this in mind you can switch and play around with whatever you get from Hobby Lobby.

To begin with, cut the lace ribbon into pieces long enough to go around the jar and tie. Now, before you attach the tags go grab a sharpie to label the tags accordingly. When the tags are ready to go, slide the lace ribbon through the holes that are on top of the tags and tie tight. Well, since there are no food ingredients in the jars just yet you don’t have to worry about which goes where.

The remaining three pieces of accessories we classified above are not a must if you feel like this is enough. However, these will add to the design significantly. As for the jam jar covers, just slide them on the jar lids to complete the look for the small jars. The wooden accessories and paper flowers you can glue on the jars or the tags to make them a bit more homely and DIY decorate glass jars session is complete.

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