Different Types Of Shoe Racks...

Different Types Of Shoe Racks

Shoe rack designs not only allows you to save space efficiently but also helps in organisation with an easy access to your shoes anytime you want. One of the most popular designs of a shoe rack online and offline is a wooden shoe rack. It comes in number of designs, shapes and sizes and can be selected based on one’s requirement. Wooden shoe rack online grants you with plenty of options to choose from. There are number of other designs for shoe racks designs and one can choose the one which suits their décor for a perfect home.

Types of Shoe Racks

Shoe racks are available in various designs, sizes and materials. Following are some popular types which can help you choose the right one for your room.

Over the Door Design

This shoe rack design can be hooked on the door or can also be mounted on the wall as the style focusses on delivering foldaway bars which eventually act as shelves to keep your shoes. These shoe racks have adjustable bars which enables you to fit in shoes of different heights including flats, boots, heels, etc. You can easily get this shoe rack online in different styles and structures.

Under the Bed Design

As the name suggests, this shoe rack design is apt for under bed storage. Crafted using different materials like plastic, fabric, wood, steel or a combination, these shoe racks have wheels for easy access and can be put under the bed for saving space. This type of storage can be used for shoes which are not frequently used. This idea of a shoe rack keeps the shoes out of your vision keeping the room neat and free of clutter.

Revolving Tree Design

Such shoe rack designs are crafted have vertical pegs in form of tiers. The structure of such a shoe rack has a thick and heavy base, bars made of steel and a pole with spring that revolves for comfortable access to all your shoes. Because of the revolving design, it takes very less space on the ground.

Free Standing Design

This wooden shoe rack design takes more space on the floor and can be found in various styles. Some of the styles have stacking options which increases the space for keeping your shoes in the same given surface area. For maximum advantage of this style, use the upper most rack for boots and heels while the interiors can be utilized for flats.

Cubby Design

A cubby shoe rack design has a shelf like appearance and endows you with separate slots for different types of shoes. Usually crafted using wood, this wooden shoe rack is a perfect fit for closets, walls or with a table as a bench. There are various options for wooden shoe rack online with stackable designs also.

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