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Depending on where you live, fleas can be merely an annoyance, or a headache worse than a hangover if they infest your entire house, including your bed.Remember, flea problems do not stem from the presence of fleas, but from health related and environmental circumstances which enable to fleas to thrive and reproduce.Essential oils mixed with witch hazel or spring water and misted or sprayed on the dog, again, added to shampoo not only help repel fleas, but can also help soothe and heal irritated skin while boosting the immune system.

Spray your pet’s collars and clothing with lavender oils, eucalyptus oil, tea oil, citronella or geranium. This will help repel fleas when you go for a walk or take your pet to places where there might be fleas so you don’t bring them home.Also add a few drops of these oils to your pet’s bath or use dawn or citrus dish soap to bath your animals.

The thought of citrus and salt might bring a tasty cocktail to mind. But those ingredients can also be a cheap and natural defense against fleas.You can make a great repellent with citrus. Cut lemon into quarters and place in boiling water. Let it steep over night. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and spray pet bedding, base boards, furniture, pet toys and even your pet.Also use lemon or citrus smelling cleaning products when you clean such as orange glo or pine-sol for hardwood floors, old English for wood furniture, base boards and moldings and stair rails. Use dish soap with citrus and dishwasher soap with citrus.

Use aromatherapy to repel fleas. Place cedar chips in or under your pet’s bed, in corners of rooms and in closets. When the cedar smell starts to fade, simply replace it. Cedar chips in your garden beds outside will also provide great mulch plants thrive on and keep fleas away from the yard.

Fleas hate peppermint oil.

1. Peppermint oil:

a) If you have a dog make a peppermint shampoo.Mix 3 tbsp of unscented Dr Bronner castille soap and add 5 drops of essential peppermint oil. Shampoo your pet 2 to 3 times a week until the fleas are gone. Make sure you use a flea comb.

b) You can also spray your dog directly by mixing 25 drops of essential peppermint oil with 1 cup of water and rub it in its fur.

c) Add 2o drops of peppermint essential oil in 1 cup of water. Put the solution a spray bottle. Spray under kitchen cabinets, cracks, hard to reach areas and doors. Repeat once a week.

2. White distilled vinegar: Fleas also hate the smell of vinegar. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and spray on your pets to help get rid of fleas. Its a safe yet natural way of flea control

Making your home unwelcoming

A key component of the battle at home is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Then, vacuum again just to be safe.

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