Epoxy Over Grinded Concrete Floors In Ottawa...

Epoxy Over Grinded Concrete Floors In Ottawa

There are many different ways you can rejuvenate your concrete floor and make it look beautiful. One of our most popular was to finish concrete is to use epoxy. Epoxy over a grinded concrete floor can look wonderful, modern, clean and unique. The process is simple and the waste is minimal. If you are looking for a natural looking finish with a satin or glossy finish then concrete is a great option to choose.

Concrete that is bumpy and porous might seem like it would be difficult to finish. You might be tempted to choose hardwood or tile for your flooring. Don’t be so quick to cover up that concrete. Your concrete floor can be turned into a beautiful glistening surface that won’t be expensive and it will be easier to maintain. Hardwood and tile have spaces and cracks between the seams and that’s where dust gets trapped. A concrete floor is seamless and is simple to clean. The dust has nowhere to hide.

Epoxy over grinded concrete floors in Ottawa can be seen in condos, restaurants and modern homes. Lots of basements also have polished concrete and homeowners are loving it. Polished concrete flooring in Ottawa is gaining in popularity. It’s a very green option if you are looking to renovate or build a new home. Instead of covering up the old plain grey slab, have a flooring contractor in Ottawa grind down your slab, expose the beautiful stones and colour and put down a nice glossy epoxy finish.

Next time you go into a restaurant or condo check out the types of floors they have. You would be surprised to even know it’s concrete. A polished concrete floor can look like marble or terrazzo at times, depending on the aggregate in the slab itself.

The process might take a few days depending on how many square feet the project is. A contractor would need at least a day to grind the concrete with different levels of tooling until the slab is ready to accept the epoxy finish. The epoxy finish would also need a few days to dry depending on the moisture in the slab and the environment.

You could have a brand new looking concrete floor in just under a week without breaking the bank. Check out some galleries online of how concrete can look once it is finished. There are only a few decorative concrete contractors in Ottawa. Do your research and enjoy the beauty of natural concrete.

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