Five Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient...

Five Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

With growing consciousness of the need of conserving energy, and the phenomenon of global warming because of increased utilization of energy in diverse human activities, it’s incumbent on all to conserve energy. According to Government of India’s Star Labeling Program in India, “Energy Conservation in simple terms means Avoidance of Wastage of Energy Without Sacrificing Comforts & Needs.”

In this context, the home you dwell in plays a great role in enabling you to conserve energy. Listed here are five tips to make your home energy efficient.

1. Electric appliances – use according to need

Electric appliances contribute make a big chunk of your electricity expense. You need to be sensible to use these applications. Use only star rated appliances (as labeled by Bureau of Energy Efficiency India) to ensure safety and energy efficiency.

Whether it’s appliances for kitchen and home, office, or for other purpose buy from trusted brands and with star rate labels. Buy appliances of appropriate size according to your needs, and use them at their full capacity. For example, as it is in case of your washing machine.

2. Lighting – avoid using incandescent lamps

Avoid using incandescent lights and replace them with CFLs or LED lights. The traditional incandescent lights consume more electricity and make your bills heavy. These days, LED lights are getting more popular because of their high efficiency coupled with growing awareness of the importance of conserving energy and avoid wastage. Though LED lights are a little costlier than CFLs, they would help you save on account of lower energy bills in the long run. Contrariwise, CFLs contain mercury, which is toxic.

3. Water heating – use solar energy

Water heating is another activity that consumes energy, which contributes significantly to electricity expense. Though there are different options such as instant water heaters and storage kind of water heaters, you could use for storage type water heating. For this, using solar energy is the most efficient technique. Install solar water heating system. Solar energy is perennial, costless and environment friendly.

4. Make sure windows are positioned for ventilation and sunshine

Windows are important in maintaining the heat and ventilation in your home. Windows should be symmetrical in size, and avoid fixing windows with irregular shape.

Make sure to position the windows in a direction where wind generally flows and easy for natural light (sunshine) to enter the home. Sunlight and right amount of ventilation ensure good health to you. When fixing windows, locate them according to how you use the room. For example, if windows are on the east or west, it might be difficult for you to watch television in the room unless you shut the window or blind it because of the glare of sunshine.

As we live in tropical type climate, the best option in case of windows on the south is to cover them windows with long overhangs of material with poor conductivity would ensure entry of unwanted heat.

5. Roofing: with appropriate thermal coating

The roof is plays a significant role in making your home energy efficient. An appropriate type of roof will help reduce workload on air conditioner leading to less consumption of electricity.

Use a paint that absorbs solar radiation. For this, you could consider heat reflecting paints. These paints reflect most heat thus preventing heating up of the interior of the home.

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