Good Measure Of Safe Flood Restoration In Basements...

Your basement isn’t “finished” without some flood prevention steps, actions to protect your home when flooding does occur and an emergency plan to provide for your family’s welfare until you can return to your home. You need layers of protection for the adequate safety of your family and property.The faster the water flood is cleaned up, the less damage can occur.This is a key to successful clean up your basement after a water flood has happened. Before you step foot inside your basement to clean, make sure the electricity to that area is turned off inside your house! If there’s still flood water standing in your basement, don’t walk in it!

Now, once your basement is safe to walk in, it’s time to clean up after the water flood. Protect yourself from dirt, germs and bacteria by wearing water proof boots and gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and pants. If you know there’s mold in your basement, or if you even suspect there is, then you should wear a protective face mask so you don’t breathe the mold spores into your nose and lungs. Once the flood water is removed from your basement, open up the windows and doors, and set up several fans to help dry the basement out. Remove any standing flood water from the basement. Use a water pump to get the bulk of it out. Use fans and dehumidifiers to help reduce the moisture. Open basement windows to keep the air inside fresh.

Remove all the furniture and other basement items that were damaged by the flood water. Take it all outside and clean items that are salvageable. Most things, however, should be thrown away if they were in contact with the contaminated water. Depending on the extent of the flood damage in your basement, these items can be cleaned and salvaged: toilet, bathtub, sink, pictures, metal or plastic furniture, some wood furniture, some electronics. Now the basement should be completely empty. Remove all basement carpet. Tear out all the sheetrock or paneling that was damaged by flood water.

Remove the Water

Once you have the equipment that you need, begin to remove the water. The best place to begin is most likely the area that is going to sustain the most damage if the water sits. Another option is to begin on the highest section of the room where the water is the lowest and work your way in to the larger pools of water.

You may need to call in a flood restoration professional for the job. Once the area is cleaned, it is important to take the necessary steps to waterproof and seal the space from future flooding.

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