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Ant baits, whether homemade or commercial, are the treatment of choice for eliminating kitchen infestations. Ant bait combines a desirable ant food with a pesticide. Worker ants carry the food back to the nest, where the pesticide works on the entire colony. You can make an effective ant bait using boric acid, a low toxicity pesticide available in hardware stores and pharmacies.

Before you start baiting ants on your own, it is important to conduct proper inspection.From an entomological perspective, there’s really no such thing as sugar ants. People use the term sugar ants to describe any number of ants that happen to like sweets. Depending on where you leave, your sugar ants may actually be Argentine ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, or some other kind of ants.

So how do you tell which ants you have? Do a taste test.

Put a teaspoon of jelly and a teaspoon of peanut butter, and a teaspoon in the area where you see the most ant traffic. You can tape down a piece of waxed paper, or use a paper plate, and put the baits on that if you’d prefer not to have jelly and peanut butter on your counters or floor.

Which food did the ants prefer? If they went for the jelly, you’ll need to make a sugar ant bait. Ants that prefer peanut butter will respond to a protein-based bait. Now you’re ready to make your homemade ant bait.

Whether you have sugar ants or other ants, boric acid is an effective, minimally toxic pesticide that can be used in a homemade ant bait. Both boric acid and sodium borate salts are derived from the element boron, which occurs naturally in soil, water, and rocks. Boric acid was first registered as a pesticide in the U.S. in 1948, and was re-registered in 1993.

Sugar Ant Traps

How to create trap? Take 1 tbsp organic boric acid, 1 tbsp maple syrup (honey or peanut butter), 1 cracker and a small cardboard box. Make pinholes in a box and mix food and the boric acid together. Spread this mixture onto a cracker and place it inside the box. The food will attract sugar ants and boric acid will kill them. It’s better to set the trap for the night as ants do their food hunting during this time. As sugar ants like various foods, why not use mint jelly, maple syrup, peanut butter and honey for trap-setting purposes? Sugar ants eat everything: meat, nuts, cheese, seeds, honey, bread and even insects. They like staying in warm, dark areas, creating trails in unsanitary areas (washbasins, bedpans, water pipes, etc).

Sugar Ant Bait Recipe

Mix 2 tablespoons of mint jelly with about ¼ teaspoon of boric acid powder. Research suggests that mint jelly is the best sugar ant lure, but you can also try another jelly flavor if you don’t have mint jelly in your fridge already.

Effective Deterrents

If you are looking for perfect detergents, you can use pepper and vinegar. They are the safest and the most effective ones. Sprinkle black pepper on ants leads to the entry points. If you find the initial location, sprinkle pepper there as well, as it will prevent re-entry. What about vinegar? Mix water and white (or apple cider) vinegar in proportion 50:50 and spray counter tops, high traffic areas and windows sills. This mixture will help to prevent the occurrence of pest control problem.

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