How to Stop Gutter Blockage Caused by Debris?...

Gutters are an important part of every home and building. The gutter system has a vital role in taking the extra water from the roof to the ground through the downspouts. Gutters get clogged with debris. Due to the leaves, seeds and needles add the weight of water on the gutter and leads the gutter joints to leak. Another common gutter issue is blockages in the downpipes which can be caused by leaves, twigs, birds, insects and germs.

The clogged gutters prevent water from flowing from the roof to the ground causing excess water to accumulate on the roof. This water penetrates in the home and cause heavy damage to the wood, furniture and has a danger of fire.

Damages Caused By Gutter Blockages
Rotten wood.
Lead to patches on walls.
Reduce the life of the gutter system.
Cause heavy damage to the property and structural damage.
Increased maintenance costs.
Blocked downspouts and gutter system.
Roof leaks and water damage
Standing and penetrating water leads to the mold and fungus growth on gutters, walls, floors, and ceilings
Encourages mosquito, birds, insects and germs breeding.
Rust to the wall and gutters.
Soil erosion and heavy water damage.

To prevent the clogged gutter problems install leaf guard to keep gutter safe, clean , dry and extend the life of the gutter system. The blockage in your gutters is going to be the day-to-day leaves, twigs, and debris. The best way to stop such debris from getting is by installing aluminum mesh gutter guards that can be attached to your gutters so that only the water flow freely not debris.

You should clean your gutters on a regular beneficial for your home maintenance to prevent blockage and damage. Monitor and clean gutters in heavy rains, snowfall, and winter.

The beginning of winter and spring are good times to check gutter system to avoid blockage in the future. Consider installing the Gutter Guards if you have lots of trees, to stop larger pieces of debris entering your gutters, and prevent birds to create a nest in the roof free space.

Debris such as leaves and twigs from surrounding trees or bird nests fill up gutters and also attract insects, spiders and mosquito to stay on the roof causing to unwanted dirt. The clogged gutters prevent the water from flowing freely and causing the leaves, twigs and seeds to rot on the roof and mold growth.

Water is one of the greatest causes of external and internal damage to the building and walls. Maintain the gutters and roof for safe living as the water is the worst enemy of the home walls and ceilings. Water saturation on the roof can lead to many problems in the walls, floors, and ceilings and lead to costly repairs. A clogged gutter stops your gutter system from working properly and allows water to overflow. Excess water can destroy building integrity, harmful fungal growth, insect infestation and wood rot.

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