Lawn Care Service, Lawn Treatment Companies, Lawn Maint...

Lawn Care Service, Lawn Treatment Companies, Lawn Maintenance Business

Currently using a Lawn Care Service or considering using a Lawn Care professional to improve your lawn?

Here are some tips to ensure you pick the right lawn care company for your lawns needs

Firstly are the company local to you?

Secondly Are the employees City & Guild accredited?

Third Do they provide Free lawn care analysis and quotations?

Fourth Are they experienced?

Fifth Do they offer bespoke Lawn Care or is it a one size fits all approach?

Sixth Do they seem cheap? As this could result in Less premium Products applied and time take focusing on your lawn

Seventh do they come across professional in appearance and knowledge

Eighth if using a current lawn care service do you feel the results are good and does the operative take their time in ensuring all areas of your lawn are treated?

Ninth Do they seem interested in making your lawn looking better or are you just another customer?

Tenth Are they on time and reliable

Other things to consider are is biggest companies necessarily the best? Or are they very effective with their marketing? Don’t use a company that hasn’t been established for a few years, experience is key. Do they have pictures of other customer lawns on their website? Are the products applied premium products? If they say that they offer a wide range of other services eg mowing, gardening, fencing, strumming etc are they really lawn care specialists or simply jack of all trades. Do they only apply products at the right time and in the correct weather conditions? ( one gardener told me of a lawn care franchise that shovelled snow off the lawn before proceeding to scarify the lawn) Does the company invest in new products and equipment year on year and maintain the equipment regularly. Does the company come out with comments like your lawn will look amazing after one treatment? Does the company carry out more than ten lawn treatments a day as I know many do, put in travelling time it is impossible to take your time and focus on attention to detail having to care for so many lawns in a day? Is the company focused on profit margins and numbers of customers or is it focused on how many of its customers lawns actually look great? Do they offer a wide range of lawn treatments and services and only recommend what’s right for your lawn? Do they have a loyal and satisfied customer base? Do they offer a reward scheme for new and existing customers.

If the answer is No to any of the above, please visit to see how our treatments and services can benefit your lawn or email us at to arrange a Free Lawn Analysis and review.

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