Let The True Battle Of Pest Control Against Cockroaches...

When you discover roaches and kill a few, this does not eliminate your problem. Where there is a single roach is a sign that a whole colony of roaches may be nearby. If you’ve seen one or more cockroaches, there are a LOT more you’re not seeing.You need to address the problem of a roach infestation as well as the symptom of killing a few wayward roach that strays through your shower drain.If you need to prevent roaches from coming out of your shower drain there are some things that you can do from preventing this problem from becoming worse. Purchase a new shower drain cover that has smaller holes at the top. This shower drain cover should have holes that are large enough for water to pass through but not too large that roaches can crawl through. The shower drain cover should fit securely over the shower drain.

An effective cockroach elimination and prevention strategy begins with a solid plan of attack. By following these steps, and filling out your own personal Plan of Attack, you’ll have everything you need to eliminate cockroaches from your home. Because cockroaches are so tolerant to environmental challenges, they are highly resistant to plain old insecticides.

Shower Traps

When you are not using the shower set roach traps near the drain for a period of time in order to catch any additional roaches that have either escaped your previous extermination attempts or are trapped in other areas of the bathroom. These traps can give you a sense of the extent of the roach problem in the bathroom and also determine whether the efforts to put insecticide into the drain or change the shower drain cover was successful or not.
Barricade Your Bathroom with Boric Acid and Steel Wool

If an exterminator is too expensive for you, a pedestrian solution is available: boric acid and steel wool, both of which should be found at a local hardware emporium. Spray the boric acid at the base of all the walls in your bathroom. It will eat away at any part of the roach that comes into contact with it, deterring them from your bathroom.By stuffing shredded steel wool into minute cracks and crevices around your bathroom, you’ll deter roaches from trying to squeeze through the razor-sharp brambles.

Long Term Tactic

Some of the following tips are great long-term solutions for permanently exterminating cockroaches:

  • Use a pesticide ‘bomb’ product or ‘fogger.’ These types of products require a room that is closed off as much as possible and emit a strong, chemical-based pesticide that can eradicate a room of cockroaches and cockroach eggs.
  • Electrify them! Well, not really. But electronic emitters have been shown to be effective at putting off a high frequency noise that deters cockroaches.
  • Install sticky traps. These are covered traps with an adhesive on the floor of the trap that will result in the eventual death of the cockroach. However, with the ability of a cockroach to live three months without eating, homeowners are more likely to find a live roach in these types of traps.

All of these long-term solutions have been shown to work more effectively in conjunction with other measures. This is largely because of how resilient and environmentally adaptive cockroaches can be

However, for permanent infestation removal, a professional cockroach control exterminator is still your best bet.

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