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There are several movers in New York, each carrying out businesses in separate areas of the city. They usually operate as individual firms and require a license to operate within New York State and unlicensed ones risk penalty. Small new york moving companies do not have depots or offices and operate out of their trucks. They move around in designated areas with their trucks on which the company details are emblazoned, offering their services. An interesting service offered by movers in New York is reusable plastic crates which are rented to customers to move their belongings from one place to another.

To make their services more customer friendly, New York moving companies make a survey of possessions to be moved and give a written estimate which can be binding or non binding depending on customer choice. Rates are charged based on distance, weight, volume and convenience of pickup and download. While some movers in New York include cost of packing or wrapping in the main estimate, others ask customers to do the packing themselves. A few large nyc moving companies provide minimal insurance without charging customers based on weight which can be sometimes risky.

Recently there were a few cases of unscrupulous unlicensed movers in New York who charged customers inflated amounts after giving low estimates and ran away with their belongings on refusal to pay. In another instance, few movers in New York have combined their services under a trust to control prices and increase them during peak moving months between May and September.

According to studies most individuals and families move every 6 – 8 years due to job changes, children education, marriage or retirement. The general practice should be to take get at least 3-4 estimates in writing from movers in New York, who send their representatives to evaluate issues like volume, location and weight. After getting the same checked with friends or relatives will help make a correct decision. However, a recent census showed that total number of people changing residences has reduced in the past couple of years due to recessionary effect. This lack of mobility has had a cascading effect on business of moving companies in New York.

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