Proper moving Etiquette with movers...

Proper moving Etiquette with movers

No matter how much of planning you actually do, and no matter if you are moving from an apartment to a house or from a house to a condominium, moving is and has always been a stressful procedure. not only do you have to pack your things, you need to get all your packing material ready, take care of your kids, deal with transfer of bank accounts, schools and utilities and of course, choose the right movers for your relocation.

However just finding the right movers for your relocation is not sufficient. It is important that you and your movers practice and follow the right etiquette and manners while moving. You have to strike a balance between movers, children, pets and neighbors to ensure a calm and stress-free move.

In fact, moving etiquette is much more important that you have ever realized. The first and most important you and your movers have to maintain is peace with your neighbors. This is best done by informing them about the time and day you plan to make your move.

No blocking traffic

Once your movers turn up for your move with their moving truck, make sure they park in a convenient spot for the easy loading and unloading of your goods without blocking traffic and another person’s driveway.

Besides, it is important that your movers don’t walk across some other person’s loss or even trespass on some other person’s property while transferring your belongings to their moving trucks. So make sure you inform them about this on moving day as your move should not invade another person’s property or privacy.

Working hours move

If you can choose the time to make your move, even a local move, it’s better to choose the 9 to 10 am slot to have the movers arrive at your place. This time causes minimum inconvenience to your neighborhood as most people are at work between 8 am to 5 pm and thus won’t be around when your moving truck arrives.

If you have pets, it’s better to make arrangements to have someone like a trusted friend or a family member look after them during your move. This is important as the move is not only stressful to your pet, but the constant closing and opening of doors can make your home unsafe for your pet.  By having someone else take care of your pet, you not only prevent injuries on your pet, but also make the move easier for your movers.

Cool down

Remember that the movers also get tired while packing and transferring your belongings onto their moving truck. So you could show some humanity and provide some cold drinks and snacks for them as your movers will definitely get hungry and thirsty throughout the day and move. While water, juice and soda are best during the summer, it’s better to have coffee and hot chocolate ready for your movers during winter.

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