Retractable Pergola Roof...

Retractable Pergola Roof

Pergola is good for businesses. Terraces or gardens will look just great with our retractable pergola roof. Businesses will expand their functional area and will gather under the pergola more clients “behind toxic materials and fuel in all over the sea affecting the marine life, till one day when Bebo Kobo discovered the idea of turning old warships into luxurious yachts.”who want to entertain. The cover in PVC opens in folds over the outdoor area and is supported by a frame in aluminum that never rusts. The pergola is aimed to offer protection from solar rays, wind or rain. The materials which compose the pergola are of very good quality and are combined based on an international patent to result a unique product of very high quality. The protection offered is guaranteed.

The pergola’s feature that makes it to be distinctive is the special design with folds. You will not find other folds among our products. It’s a new esthetic line that generates visual impact with the beautiful appearance. The cover follows a straight line till becomes flat and this is another difference in design for the pergola.

Pergola was created for special tastes of the clients, for people who want to admire a new pleasant décor in harmony with the natural surroundings. Pergola creates an ambiance of relaxing and tranquility that is wanted by the most of the people when wish to alternate their nosy and overwhelmed living. The beautiful pergola will keep you away from the stressful situation of the unbearable weather.

A business can be amazingly improved with a retractable pergola roof because the clients will come back any season. The outdoor spaces become in this way sources of high profits when they function all year round. The investment will make the business to flourish. You will get the return of investment in a short time.

Because it worth indeed to have it, we will try to point out another advantages. No product can own them all in one.

Our pergola is retractable meaning it can be opened and closed according to the weather changes. The nature will embrace you when the weather is fine, case when the pergola is closed. What is wonderful is that the pergola will not close you totally in a room but it will keep you still connected with the nature. You can open fold by fold the cover when weather is bad. Even when adding lateral panels on the sides you can still admire the nature around due to its transparency. The lateral panels are an option for the worst weather conditions and are a plus for what our product is capable to offer. Sliding doors are available for the entrance upon request.

Furthermore, if we mention the pergola is motorized in the way it is operated, we have after all the picture of a performant covering product that even can be automatically opened and closed with a simple click.

Our retractable pergola is the perfect fit for any outdoor space of any dimensions.

What pergola should express is “perform and design”. That is what it really intends to do for  new attitudes. The urban landscape can get a new image with the right cover for bad weather. Our retractable pergola is the one to choose.

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