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There’s a whole range of other methods for bringing about winged wipeout as well. And all over the country people are swatting, spraying, and hanging out sticky paper to catch the little buzzers. The house fly transmits disease by contaminating food. The best way to prevent these diseases is to keep flies away.

If you want to get rid of houseflies, start by keeping your house clean. Use orange, clove, lemon, or basil oil in your cleaning, as these oils repel flies. Make sure to keep surfaces wiped down and dry, and cover compost, garbage, and platters of fruits or breads. Many companies make baskets for covering fruit platters with a fine mesh which allows the fruit to ripen without allowing flies to come in contact with it. You should also strongly consider installing insect screens on your windows, and putting in screen doors so that you can ventilate your house without inviting insects in.

Making sure that your home is clean and ensuring that both fecal matter and garbage is disposed properly is one of the best cures for flies. It may be necessary to go a step further and even clean out your garbage bins periodically to help prevent particles sticking to the bin, eliminating a source of attraction for the flies.

  1. Lighting: Mercury vapor lamps tend to attract flies because of their bright light source. Installing a mercury lamp in strategic locations around the home, will lead the flies to a place away from your home. Ultra violet traps are also a good idea to get rid of flies. Ultra violet traps consist of an ultra violet light source and a fly swatter. As the flies fly towards the attractive light source, they are killed by an electric current carrying filament installed in the traps.
  2. Screening, Chalking and Ceiling Fans: One way to ensure that flies do not come inside the house is to restrict entry. This can be done by using screen doors, self-closing doors and chalking the entry ways of the home. Another way is to create a climate inside the home that is not suitable for them such as using ceiling fans.
  3. Fly Swatters: Fly swatters are an age old invention that has been used for decades to help get rid of flies. Problem is that these are tedious and time consuming; however, the newer battery-operated models are quite good in fly control inside your home.
  4. Keeping the Surrounding Areas free of Vegetation: If you live in areas with thick shrubbery or a lot of vegetation, the chances of fly problems are very high because this is a climate ideal for breeding as well as fly infestation. This can be prevented if the immediate area surrounding the home is kept free of vegetation.

You can also repel houseflies in an assortment of ways. They do not like the smell of cloves, so you can try setting out oranges or apples studded with cloves. In addition to smelling good and looking ornamental, these cloved fruits can get rid of houseflies by making your house unappealing. Some people also have success with cutting oranges in half, juicing them, and packing them with salt to act as fly deterrents. Flies also don’t like basil; you might consider planting basil in windowboxes or a patch of basil by the front door to get rid of houseflies.

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