The Timeless Beauty Of Hardwood Floors...

The Timeless Beauty Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors exude a beauty and luxury that is difficult to match with any other type of flooring. That is one reason why so many people are turning to hardwood floors when building their new home.

Consider replacing your old, tired worn out floors with a beautiful, durable hardwood floor. Hardwood floors offer a hypo-allergenic alternative to allergy sufferers. They do not harbor dust mites, allergens and bacteria. Wood floors have a timeless quality and beauty that can look fabulous in a rustic-style home or a contemporary, modern décor. Many other floors become outdated, while hardwood floors only look better with age, especially when properly cared for.

Properly cleaning and refinishing older wood floors that have endured deep scratches and possible stains can return the beauty and vitality to the look of your home’s wood floors.

The cost of a hardwood floor installation usually rests heavily on the cost of the wood itself. The price varies greatly from one type of wood to another, so a home estimate based on the size of your rooms, the amount of traffic the floor will see, and your personal tastes is the best way to go. Most estimates are free and you can get some good advice from the floor installation company who comes to do your estimate for you.

Hardwood for flooring may come in several different types, such as unfinished, prefinished or engineered hardwood. Unfinished hardwood is wood that is in the raw or non-finished state. You can see the potential of the wood before it is finished with stain or sealant. The prefinished hardwood has already gone through a process of finishing before it is installed. The advantage of that is being able to see exactly what color or tone your floor will end up as. Engineered hardwood contains layers of real wood, adhered to layers of plastic laminate veneer. Do not confuse this type with laminate flooring which contains no real wood.

Depending on the wood species used in your floor, the tone or color can change over time. Light and atmosphere conditions also have an effect on the wood over time. Direct sunlight will lighten the color of the floor. Some of the Cherry woods or other exotic tree species can change over time, as they darken somewhat with age.

The newly laid hardwood floor will need some time to completely dry and settle before it can be used to walk on. The prefinished hardwood will be ready the soonest. If you are sensitive to chemical smells and such then be prepared to spend a night away from your home after a floor has just been finished or treated.

Your specialists for hardwood floor installation in Marysville can tell you everything you need to know to properly take care of your beautiful new hardwood floor so that it will stay beautiful for decades to come. Proper care and maintenance keep your floor looking as rich and luxurious as they did on the day they were installed.

A hardwood floor is a timeless investment in your home. Hardwood floors have been increasing in popularity during the last 20 years, and many homeowners are delighted when they rip up their old carpets to find a beautiful hardwood floor underneath, just waiting to be refinished and brought back to life.

New homeowners requiring hardwood floor installation in Everett have many wood types to choose from including cherry, oak, pine, cork, fir, ash and other exotic types. Cork has seen a sudden surge in popularity as it is known to be a sustainable source. Cork is a layer of bark peeled from a tree. The tree is not harmed in this process and several years will pass before another layer of cork would be peeled from the tree. Cork is long-wearing and durable, and sports a very appealing pattern.

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