Things You Must Consider For Different Types Of Roof Re...

Things You Must Consider For Different Types Of Roof Restoration

As a homeowner, you would need to engage in roof restoration once in a while. On an average, a homeowner would need to take this restoration once in 15 to 20 years or even earlier if the roof has suffered damage due to external factors. Quality roof restoration can significantly increase the strength of your roof and help in plugging existing holes. When you engage the services of a company that offers quality roof restoration in Melbourne it would last for a long time and add to the aesthetics of your property. You need to know that restoration technique adopted is specific to roof type and here we share with you inherent information about restoration specific to the roof in your property.

Concrete Tile Restoration

This is one of the common types of roof that is found in Melbourne homes. Restoring these types of roof starts with pressure cleaning which helps get rid of the rigid dust and debris on the surface area. If required this process is followed by re-bedding and ridge cap removal when the old mortar has cracked or shrunk. This is usually followed by applying polymer based pointing mortar around the ridge caps in a process that is known as re-pointing. A sealant is applied to prevent any leaks in your roof with a coat of primer. Once this is done the contractors would apply two coats of acrylic paint based on the color you choose.

Terracotta Tile Restoration

Terracotta tiles look great on your roof but they also require quite a bit of restoration and maintenance. These roofs are prone to mould infestation and hence restoration always starts with an application of a mould killer. Once the mould has been exterminated your contractor would start with pressure cleaning and achieve a plane slate that is ready for restoration. Much like your concrete roofs the contractor would undertake ridge cap removal and re-bedding to ensure all the tiles are aligned properly. This is followed up by re-pointing the ridges and here most contractors use flexible polymer based pointing mortar. Two coats of terracotta glazing are applied to restore the tiles to their original form factor.

Galvanized Iron Roof Restoration

While concrete and terracotta tiles account for most roofs found in commercial and residential properties in Melbourne galvanized iron roofs also does have its decent share in the market. While restoring these roofs your contractor would start by removing rust from the surface of the roof using a rust converter. Screws and nails that have gathered rust are using replaced during restoration. If you have taken up restoration after a long time there are chances that some sheets may have rusted beyond repair and these would need to be replaced. Once this is done the entire roof is coated with a metal primer followed by two coats of acrylic paint.

It is important that you hire a contractor who has expertise with the kind of roof you have in your residential or commercial property. Once executed perfectly it would add the value of your property as well as its aesthetics.


Before taking up roof restoration Melbourne it is important to understand the nature and types of the roof as restoration techniques are specific to roof types.

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