Upholstery Dos And Don’ts...

Upholstery Dos And Don'ts

When we are talking about upholstery there are several things you have to take in mind in order to make the best choice. Durability is the first one, followed by texture and softness but unfortunately, most people choose upholstery by the price which is a mistake. They think that because it is expensive it is worth the money, but in some cases you will pay a lot and have trouble afterwards. You have to know the material and above all know how to keep it in good condition thus expand its useful lifespan.

Things You Shouldn’t Buy

I will give you some examples of very expensive but not very good choices of upholstery, and of course there are some which are cheap but wonderful. If you want to bring luxury in your house, I recommend you don’t go for silk upholstery. It is extremely expensive, very beautiful and smooth but not durable and a total nightmare to clean. It is moisture sensitive and if you spill something on it, a stain will remain even after you clean it.

Moreover, if the liquid is coloured, blackberry juice for example, it can dye the fabric because silk is natural fibre. Since it is not tolerant to liquids, it has to be only dry cleaned but dry cleaning is not as effective as steam one. Specialists say the you shouldn’t use silk as an upholstery for your sofa because you use it everyday and it will tear apart quite easy.

Another luxurious but problematic fabric is suede. It is most preferred for shoes but also for upholstering furniture. Touching suede is wonderful, but if you do it with greasy fingers it is over. Suede can’t be cleaned believe me, if we are talking about genuine fabric it is just the most annoying one. Not only it is sensitive to moisture which is a major disadvantage, but if you apply any detergent you will destroy it. I once tried with soap and you can’t imagine the horror I experienced when the dust started dissolving in my hands.

But enough with the things you shouldn’t purchase. Let’s say a few words about upholstery which is worth the money invested. We will start with the expensive one which is for connoisseurs – leather.

Fabrics Worth The Money

If you don’t like the idea of having leather upholstery, you can always get faux one but once you feel the touch of the real thing, you won’t replace it. That is what happened to me right after I got my first leather jacket. From then on there were bags, shoes, clothes, hats, accessories and finally furniture. The best thing is this is the most durable material. If you take proper care for it and make sure to keep leather conditioned it can last extremely long.

As for the cleaning – well, even my three year old nephew can clean the couch at home no matter what the stain is. All you have to do is soak it if it is liquid and scrape it if it is solid. Then take a wet wipe and there you have it – the couch is clean with no efforts at all. As for the conditioning, twice a yeas is enough I think, after all this is not car upholstery and it isn’t exposed to so much sunlight. Of course, I recommend you consult with a professional every once in a while.

Next I want to introduce you to cotton – probably my favourite fabric, it is soft and natural, it can be dyed in whatever colour you like and cleaning it is relatively easy. As all natural fabrics it is sensitive to moisture but this doesn’t mean it can’t be steam cleaned. Of course there are home-made cleaning recipes you can use in order to clean different stains but I don’t recommend it.

The Best DIY Cleaning Recipe

I have tried it and I’m amazed by the results. First time I used baking soda was when I spilled red wine on the carpet. I have heard it works so I told myself: Why not? If it doesn’t work, I will just hire professional cleaning company and if they can’t remove the stain I will just buy a new carpet.

So I soaked the excess and sprinkled the area. After an hour I vacuumed it and to my surprise there was nothing – no stain, no liquid, my carpet looked like there was nothing there in the first place.

The second occasion was with coffee and cotton shirt, The shirt was white, I bought it from the near store and it looked adorable. The morning I put it on I spilled my coffee on it. I don’t use bleach and since liquid soap didn’t work I decided that baking soda can save the situation once more. And it worked. But nevertheless the best thing is to go to cleaning professionals.

I almost forgot to tell you about microfibre upholstery which is the cheapest yet very good option, especially if you have children who make quite a mess.

The Cheapest Upholstery

Just like your microfibre cloth you use in the kitchen, the microfibre upholstery is quite resistant to stains and easy to clean. It can be machine washed, which is great, and it is quite durable. It can be coated with Scotchgard, a special solution which makes the fabric liquid resistant, so you have more time to react when a stain occurs. However, microfibre upholstery has a major flaw – static electricity. I really hate it, that’s why I don’t like this fabric and all the synthetic ones.

But whatever fabric you choose for upholstering furniture, make sure you ask not just about cost and durability, but also about cleaning and maintenance because once you purchase it, you have to keep it in good shape. Most people can’t afford to change their upholstery every year and i you are one of them, choose wisely. The market is full with other natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics with great qualities.

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