Use Portable Generators Safely...

Use Portable Generators Safely

“These days we have become very dependent on appliances that run on electricity. Irrespective of the place you are, you need power to complete most of your day to day activities. Right from your razor to the pressure washer everything runs on electricity. Thanks to some smart thinking and the innovation of portable generators you no longer have to compromise on basic comfort even on outdoor trips or camps. These mobile generators can provide you power anywhere. Portable generators are easy to carry and are easy to start also. Many famous brands like Honda generator produce less noise and are fuel efficient too.
There a few things you need to be careful while using portable generators. You should not refuel a running generator or one that is still hot. Generators tend to get hot when used continuously for some time. Always wait till it cools down. If you refuel while it is running or it is hot there are chances that the fuel may catch fire due to the excess heat. Remember fuels are highly inflammable, high temperature can ignite fuel. Never keep a filled fuel can near a running generator. This can also be fatal as the chance of the fuel catching fire due to the heat is high.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while using a Honda generator or any portable generator is the location of the generator. Make sure you place it in an open area and the generator should not face any windows or doors. If you are camping out, place it at a distance from your tent. This will prevent the carbon monoxide from entering your tent or home. This gas if inhaled in huge quantities can be fatal. In case someone accidentally inhaled carbon mono oxide, do not panic. Just keep the affected person calm and take him or her to an open area where he or she can breathe in fresh air. The symptoms of carbon mono oxide poisoning are dizziness, nausea and stomach pain. If you act in time, then the worst can be averted.
While setting up your portable generator always make sure that you have the wiring done securely. Do not leave any stray wires. Always tape the ends of all the wires properly. Any naked wire can trigger short circuit that may lead to a fire. You should be extra careful with wires, especially when kids and pets are around. Someone may trip over wires and get hurt. Arrange and neatly tag all the wires to avoid any accidents. Always use proper plug and socket, this will prevent short circuit.”

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