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You’ve arrived on this page because you are trying to figure out how to get rid of tiny black ants in your house. Getting rid of tiny black ants in your house will be an easier project if you can eliminate the sources of food or water that is allowing them to thrive. Colonies will spread rapidly so it is important to get rid of them fast.

But for this discussion, let’s simply call them all sugar ants. After all, they eat the same things and are naturally controlled, killed and eliminated in the same ways. You can get rid of these little black ants with natural management methods using organic and some ordinary things found in the kitchen. You can avoid using toxic chemical insecticides unless natural ways of prevention fail.

Saluting and great deal of respect for anyone that is courageous enough to ditch the toxic insecticides in favor of a natural solution. The truth is that these remedies work just as well as the chemicals used by exterminators. The only difference is that you are not exposing yourself, your family or your pets to dangerous side effects.

Getting Rid of Sugar Ants Inside

There are two primary reasons these tiny ants will come into a home. They are enticed by food scraps and food residue and will enter to escape cold weather. They make their way in through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. So, preventing an infestation of ants or getting rid of ants is a matter of closing entry points, repelling them, and practicing daily routines of cleanliness.

The things to ant control infestation are much the same as you would do to naturally control cockroaches. Clean counter tops, tightly seal food into secure containers, don’t leave dirty dishes in sinks, use strong garbage bags, empty trash every night, don’t eat anywhere except in dining areas,  mop floors, and vacuum carpets frequently. Just use common sense to avoid enticing sugar ants or any of their little, tiny black ant cousins.

Natural Ways of Controlling Sugar Ants Outside

Sugar ants will nest inside. The best way to prevent infestation in the house is to stop them from making their way inside by creating a perimeter barrier. If you want to avoid using toxic chemicals to stop ants from getting inside, there are organic natural ways to get rid of those pesky tiny ants.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is sold in a talc-like powder. DE contains microscopic silica. The tiny silica in DE cuts through the lipid layer coating of the exoskeleton of ants creating microscopic lacerations which causes ants to die of dehydration. DE also kills other insects in the same manner such as cockroaches, ticks, mites, termites and bed bugs.

Spread food grade diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of the home or building extending a few feet from the foundation. Put a ring of DE around ant hills. Follow the trail of ants to where they may be entering the home and sprinkle the DE along that trail.

You can also “dust” cracks and crevices that ants may use to enter the structure.  When ants walk through the DE, they take it back to the nest to infect other ants in the colony, therefore potentially killing the entire nest.

You may also call the pros to do the job for you

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