Vinegar as a window cleaning solution!...

Vinegar as a window cleaning solution!

Clean windows would make any house owner proud. It is very important to keep the windows of your house clean. Windows become speckled over time due to dirt and grime and no body wants to look at the world through dirty windows. There are many household tricks to clean windows on your own. These are natural and help  Christchurch Cleaning its atmosphere. Some people also believe that vinegar does not clean the windows properly. So the trick is to mix it with some other products and create a perfect eco friendly solution to clean the windows.

If you are cleaning your windows for the first time with vinegar and have been using synthetic products available at Christchurch cleaning stores, then you need to create a strong solution to use for the first time to combat the residue left over from previous cleaning exercises. You can use a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. It creates a strong solution to cut away the dirt and grime. Use this solution to clean your windows to make them shiny and sparkling. You can put this solution in the spray bottle, which will make it easy to use. Spray the window with this solution and wipe it with a lint free cloth. This is a quick and easy way to get clean windows.

Window Cleaners Christchurch residents recommend use off the shelf-products, which may or may not be eco friendly. However, when you use home made cleansers to clean the windows of your house, those products are natural and help maintaining and cleaning Christchurch environment. Once you have cleaning the stubborn muck and grime, cleaning windows becomes much easier. Next time you need not use vinegar and detergent mixture for cleaning your windows. You can just use vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle as your environment friendly solution for window cleaning Christchurch residents say. For windows that are extremely dirty you just need to use full strength vinegar, which means you don’t need to mix it with water or liquid dish soap. Just spray the vinegar on the window and wipe.

When you are wiping your windows make sure you use lint free cloth because other materials leave lint on the glass, which doesn’t make the windows appear clean. You can also use paper towels but they prove to be expensive. Some people also use newspapers to wipe the windows because they are super absorbent but they leave ink on your hands, which some people do not like. The best way to get streak free windows is to use micro fiber cloth. It is absorbent and does not leave any lint or streaks on your windows. If you still feel it is a tough job for you to do on your own, you can always hire professional window cleaners Christchurch has.

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