What Are Spa, Sauna, Steam Room And Spa Bath...

The spa at home:

The spa, sauna, steam room, hydro jet shower: there are many spa equipment. Overview on this issue to learn all of their benefits and better choose your spa at home.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate from the range of spa equipment.

Here we will talk about what are the differences between the spa and spa bath? Between the sauna and steam room? Is different from the Jacuzzi spa?

If the spa and Jacuzzi seem two different things, it is not. These two words mean much the same device, the word spa is the generic term, and Jacuzzi is the registered trademark. The difference is the same

Jacuzzi and spa bath:

The showers and whirlpools are not equivalent to the Jacuzzi spa (spa or so). They are really simple showers and bathtubs on which we installed a spa system. They therefore have exactly the same shape as showers and bathtubs classic that we find in any bathroom.

– Its volume and capacity that make it very user friendly;

– Its custom seats for a sitting or lying position;

– Its top power massage;

– Depth of tank which increases the effect of weightlessness (principle of buoyancy);

– The water maintained at a constant temperature suitable for that of the human body;

– Insulation of the tank to retain the heat of the water while improving energy efficiency;

– Its possibilities of installation inside and outside of the house.

Columns multi jets:

The columns multi jets are accessories that are purchased separately from the shower and that can be installed in the existing shower. They require no plumbing modification or otherwise. This is a simple way to adapt a shower and to improve it.

To go into more technical details, the spa is different from the hot tub on several points:

Since the spa bath heats up the water, and the water is not always drained off after every use, water hygiene is important.

If you only use the spa bath personally, the risk of cross infections are remote, but when having friends join you, you may consider using a small percentage of your allowed oil on an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil after each collective use.

Water should also be drained off regularly.

The spa bath has a tank that receives water. This tank is typically acrylic that contains a resistant material, which allows a multitude of forms. An important element of the hot tub is the pump, which draws water from the tub through a strainer. She puts it under pressure and then redistributes in propelling through the nozzles. The power of the pump and the number of nozzles determine the efficiency and quality of the massages. The water jets or air cause a massaging effect that in fact is energetic and energize the entire body.

The nozzles are different in size and their numbers, those are distributed over the vertical walls of the tub. They can be fixed or adjustable and mix with the air and the water then they expel the set pressure (does mean bubble to the water surface). In the bottom of the tub we have the hydro jets that inject water under pressure. Plombier paris 15

The spa bath is also equipped with a blower. The blower is a small tube that sucks the air and warms it. Then, compresses it and propels it through a jet into the bath. A level of detection that controls the level of water. It prevents at the start of using the system of whirlpool of any bad functionality of the spa bath for instance if the filling level of the bathtub is insufficient or the pump can be damaged etc.

You need to choose your spa bath with security and performance according the European regulations. Find to buy the models that meet those regulations that guarantee your safety as the hygiene of your spa bath, electrical functionality and usage, including the pump off in case of obstruction. Depending on the space available in your bathroom and the aesthetic effect desired, choose a spa corner bath, rectangular, elliptical, round or hexagonal.

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