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If you discover holes and white larvae in stored clothing, you’re most likely facing a moth infestation. A moth will eat its way through the fibers of your fabrics making little unsightly holes as they do it. A moth loves to find a sweater lying around undisturbed and eat tiny holes into it. A moth can ruin a sweater quickly.There are numerous products — some natural, some chemical-based, and with varying levels of effectiveness — that are intended to deter moths and beetles. It’s best to know a product’s pros and cons before you make a choice. In the right circumstances, any of these approaches can be useful for pest control.

Moths do not like the smell of citrus fruits. So when ever you eat an orange or a grapefruit you can take the peelings and set them out to dry in a place with air circulation. Once the peelings are dried take them and scatter them in your dresser drawers. Moths will stay out of your dresser and leave your clothes alone.You can safely store your winter coats with some cloves. Moths will stay away from the smell of cloves so you can put some cloves in the pockets of your winter coats before you hang them away for the summer. Stuff a few cloves into all the gloves and mittens before you put them away for the summer and you can put some cloves in your winter hats before you store your winter hats for the summer.

Cedar is nature’s best-known moth repellent, but it’s not the only one. Other natural moth repellents include lavender and dried orange peel. Don’t allow them to come in contact with the fabrics that you store, however, because their oils can damage textiles over time. Instead, place them in open containers on closet shelves or suspend them from the ceiling in decorative, light fabric bags.

Lavender is a lovely smell for humans but moths can’t stand the smell of lavender. You can get some dried lavender and put it into some small cloth bags. Then hang the bags in your closets or put them in your drawers to keep the moths away. If you can find any tiny fabric bags you can take a hankie and place some dried lavender into the hankie, then tie the hankie up in a closet or place it into a drawer to keep the moths away.

You can keep moths out of your fabrics with lavender, cloves and citrus peels instead of using moth balls Lavender, cloves and citrus peels are all natural and won’t harm humans. Moth balls work great to keep moths away but they are also toxic to animals and humans. .Moth balls don’t smell good either.Just remember that nothing discourages clothes moths and carpet beetles more than keeping your woolen items clean and storing them correctly.

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