What To Consider When Buying Timber Look Tiles...

What To Consider When Buying Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are all the rage nowadays but most people are not familiar with its potential downsides. Even though the downsides can be minimized if not eliminated by a tile expert it is still important to keep these factors in mind when considering them.

The demand for wood like, timber look tiles have grown quite tremendously. However, even though the vast majority of people are more than happy with the exquisite and elegant look associated with timber look tiles there are a few inherent issues that need to be considered by people who are considering installing them. In most cases these problems have little to do with the tiles themselves but more in the way of how they are laid out. Also, because these tiles are relatively new experts with experience of installing them are few and far between.

They are not perfectly flat

You would assume that timber look tiles are exactly the same as regular tile i.e. they are flat but that is not really the case. These tiles like most other large format tiles may not look curved at first but if you look closely they are curved. They have a high center which means that there is a small crown or bulge in the middle. Some brands are better than others but this bulge does create a problem when they are overlapped.

Avoid the regular full offset when laying a large format tile in general

Professionals who have installed timber look tiles in the past recommend that people do not use a complete offset, since a 50% offset works best. This happens when the mid of your tile is in direct line with the grout of the floor joint of the row which works out much better for these tiles. This ensures that the overall unevenness or what is termed as the lippage in technical terms is maximized.

Ensure that the floor is extremely flat

Most floors are not perfectly flat but those that are not will make it hard to ensure that these large format tiles are laid out properly. Even a slight imperfection can majorly accentuate the issue with the crown. Any tile that is around 15 inches longer than the max 10 feet variation of your floor will be problematic. That said floors in this day and age are not perfectly flat and so a number of steps will need to be taken in order to completely flatten them.

Using the correct thinset

When installing timber look tiles medium bed mortar and the right trowel will need to be used. You will want to start with the smallest types of mortars which measure around 1/2″ x 1/2″. However these are very expensive, but do not let the price tempt you to skimp on this very important expense since without it the tiles cannot be durably laid. Also a medium bed tile adhesive will work best. When getting these timber look tiles installed the extra bit of money you spend on using the right material will help you avoid having to spend hundreds of more in the way of repairs and reinstalling the tiles if things go wrong. Doing it correctly the first time around can and will save you money.

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