Why Oak Should Be Your Number One Flooring Material...

Why Oak Should Be Your Number One Flooring Material

Oak is a type of hardwood known for its durability and stable nature with certain environmental changes. It has therefore been used in many areas like making boats, furniture and mostly floors. Hence, oak floors have been in style for long and will still be, all thanks to its unwavering beauty and profound durability. It defines your space with everything you can dream off. Whether red or white it complements any interior design of any home or office providing it with a more uniform look. However we are not just talking oak floors, we are talking why it has to be your number one floor option.

Oak is known for its ability to last longer. It’s a type of hardwood that is durable by nature. We know that any floor type has to be durable in all aspects as it goes through all the rough human traffic. Oak floors provide this surety of a durable floor as it can withstand any type of dent or effects.

Oak is stable; wood being susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature, oak comes as stable as you would want it to be. It is less reactive to effects of shrinking and swelling due to changes in humidity and or temperatures.

Beauty; we all want beauty to be a paramount characteristic in our homes. Oak gives your floors a certain degree of beauty that you won’t find in any other type of wood floor material. White oak, growing slowly with an even grain and highly visible rings that lay a very beautiful floor look to your home, beautifies every part of home.

Colour; it comes in different colours, however the colours of oak intensify over time as they become more amber and appealing, white oak giving a creamy beige or greyish brown colour to your floor and red oak reddish in colour, perfect for personal residences. Warmth and calmness are colourful features that accompany a home endowed with oak floors. Ideally colour is what defines a beautiful home and oak gives the definition you want to achieve it all depends with how you want it and what you want it with.

Flexibility to installation; you have an option of choosing how you want your oak floor to be installed. Whether glued nailed or floating floor it depends on the way you want it to fit to your home and also the installation location. Installed oak floors bring versatility and endurance to your floors requiring no repairs when properly installed and maintained.oak floors continue to be widely chose as the most favourable flooring types as they reign supremacy in quality, durability, beauty and affordability.

Make oak Royal Oak flooring you ultimate floor type for a more distinguished and unerring looks to your floor. Consider the uncountable benefits and features that with oak floors. Royal Oak flooring available at a snap of a finger should make a good floor repair of floor makeover. You should never be hesitant of how the finishing of oak flooring will be like. It will be absolutely amazing.

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